General tidy up

   If your garden has gone wild for any reason we are able to restore it. Work usually includes basic pruning, lawn care, and tidying up sometimes small repairs of fencing or trellis are needed or painting and we are happy to do all of that for you.

   Time required on the site depends on the size of the garden and how wild or overgrown the garden is. We start with half day visits for tidy ups.

   This is one visit or a few visits during the year just to keep your garden in the basic shape.

Please contact us with any enquiry and we can discuss the details.


 Regular maintenance

   We can regularly visit your garden and give it all care it needs to look its best.

Regular maintenance include specialist pruning of all shrubs and trees, trimming back the climbers and hedges, weeding the beds and borders, deadheading, pest control, complete lawn care and more.

  With regular visits we can together with you improve the look of your garden if it is needed; we can slowly redesign the areas that need to be improved so that your garden looks always the best.


(We charge only £30 per man hour,

minimum charge £60)

Parking fee will be charged

Garden Maintenance

garden tools

garden design

landscape construction



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