Richmond garden and driveway - landscaped by DaiZy gardens

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This job in Richmond was landscaped by DaiZy gardens team. The original design was drawn by the architects but client wanted us to take over the project. A few alternations to the design were made as well as additional designs created for planting, lighting and irrigation system before landscaping works started.

We had to take down the part of the old boundary wall to create the access for the driveway. Large amount of excavating works took place as the first phase of the project, heavy machinery used as the parking area was designed to be much lower than the existing terrain.

Next step was to build all retaining walls and steps of the driveway. Fist electrical fix was done simultaneous with installation pipes for irrigation system according to the designs.

We suggested to use gravel stabilisation system under the driveway as it was decided to use Cotswold chippings for parking area surface. After we finished with the hard landscaping works the team of soft landscapers and horticulturist took over the site and created garden borders according to the design of our garden designer. Once all plants were in and obelisks for climbing roses installed we finished with laying the turf, final tidy up, garden lights setting and final adjustments to irrigation system. The transformed garden was ready for our client to enjoy!

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